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Miami-Miami Beach 'Baylink' connection 2-28-2018
Two commissioners, supportive mayor and public works director meet to discuss pods; Light rail project was suspended in 2016.

Mountain View considers driverless transit 1-19-2018
Driverless buses and GRT in the mix for Silicon Valley city.

Bengaluru pod: 1 bidder 1-17-2018
Ambitious multi-line Bengaluru pod project tender attracts one bidder. It happens to be Embassy, business partner of the state government's development minister.

Masdar network expanding 1-16-2018
New 1 km route will link Masdar Institute to International Renewable Energy Agency and a new shopping mall. Will use vehicles by Navya.

Safety panel recommends ASCE standards for Dehli-Gurgaon pilot; another round of bids to be invited. 12-26-2017

Curbed Your Enthusiasm 9-21-2017
Another overview of PRT's journey: the hurdles to innovation, where PRT is today, and where it might be headed. Robbert Lohmann, Alain Kornhauser, and Ed Anderson quoted.

India: The story so far 9-14-2017
Metrino may be out, but pod transit planning is still underway in 3 cities with big political connections.

West Virginia University: Sparks and smoke caused by issue with power rail contact arm. 8-28-2017

India: Metrino out of partnership 8-24-2017
Mikosza says group never came through with funding.

Bangalore agency was supposed to pay equivalent of $15,500 to India Institute of Science. 8-23-2017

PRT added to Wichita long-range transportation plan 8-14-2017
$56.3M project would link downtown and Wichita State University.

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