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We started following developments in the PRT industry c.1989, and in 2000 we started this website. Since then we've evolved from unabashed boosterism, into an organ for education and public awareness, and finally into what we are today -- your independent source for news, analysis and commentary on Pod Rapid Transit.

Our content is divided into 3 areas:

1) The NewsCenter, featuring Page One news aggregated from PRT-related stories in the world press. We provide our comments and analysis, with links to contextual material in our archives.
2) Occasional investigative and feature-length pieces, usually located at our blog This Week In Precipitation.
3) Topic pages, consisting mainly of explainers about PRT technology and how its various aspects bear on public policy, and pieces written to debunk claims of critics of PRT who it seems just can't be honest.

We hope you find our offerings informative and useful.

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Editor's Notes

May 11, 2021- New item in UrbanLoop thread in Other archive 11.

May 8, 2021- New item in UrbanLoop thread in Other archive 11.

May 3, 2021- New item in Loopworks thread, Other archive 9.

May 1, 2021- Topics page: Added a photo I took in Morgantown.

April 29, 2021- I'm starting to use the RSS feed again (orange icon on Page 1). Also on Page 1, the permalinks ( icon) will now link to each news item's location in the Archives.

April 27, 2021- Upgraded Tweet button on Page 1 to comply with current Twitter protocol. No more Facebook button because Facebook Sucks.

April 26, 2021- Relatively lengthy UrbanLoop archive thread necessitates creation of Other archive 11.

April 25, 2021- Revised and improved Dehradun thread in Other archive. Fleshed out threads: Chengdu in Ultra archive 4; 'More skyTran moves' in skyTran 3.

April 21, 2021- Updated links on Topics page; gathered all the Denver RTD links in a thread in Archives p.8.

Feb. 13, 2021- HELP! Does anyone still use RSS to monitor websites? Let us know at "prtinfo AT"

Manifesto Open/Close

We have a dream: that every large city have a rapid transit system that is an ubiquitous public utility. You wouldn't live in a house or apartment that wasn't on the electric grid, or served by the water, sewage, or waste collection systems, would you? We think there should be the same attitude toward transit access. Wherever you live in a city, you should be able to walk no further than 4-5 blocks to a rail transit station.

The key is the concept of a transit network comprised of many small stations:

Radial vs. Grid

Radial: How is this line-haul train system convenient for someone traveling between the red dots?

Grid: Put the red dots anywhere, and the grid transit network makes travel between them convenient.
Transit Grid ©2000 Get On Board!PRT

Transit Grid ©2000 Get On Board!PRT

Subways would be ideal, and we think subways ought to be the core of any serious urban rail network. We acknowledge that Portland has proven that light rail can also fill this central role. But at today's prices, a truly pervasive network with the desired 4-5-block-walk criterion is not affordable.

Enter Personal Rapid Transit pods.

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How do you feel about driverless (DL) or semi-autonomous cars? Open/Close

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