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Bill (A-2031) for PRT study in NJ Assembly 9-27-2004

Text of A-2031 (pdf)
• Dec. 8, 2004:
New Jersey PRT Study Signed Into Law

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey kick-started a study of next-generation transit technology by signing a law Tuesday that appropriates $75,000 to conduct the research.

The technology, known as Personal Rapid Transit, consists of fully automated, driverless vehicles that run on elevated guideways and offer customized trips without intermediate stops.

The study by the state Transportation Department and New Jersey Transit, will consider viability of the system, projected traffic-congestion relief, and possible route options.

"There is no doubt that New Jersey needs to examine carefully every possibility for enhancing our current rapid transit systems and alleviating congestion on our roads," said Deputy Assembly Speaker John S. Wisniewski, who sponsored the legislation.

Engineer Live!Taxi 2000's SkyWeb Express is "a system of small vehicles that strikes a balance for the commuter... because each conveyance can be individually directed, the system comes close to a door-to-door service." 8-1-2004

Rapid transit: not rapid enough 6-27-2004

Mass transportation to get sleek & daring 6-30-2004; Architectural Record, pp.5-6

"Taxi 2000" article from Ripsaw weekly. 5-6-2004

PRT gains support 5-2-2004

Bonding bill draws ire Horning misrepresents outcome of Cincinnati & Rosemont projects

Big Deal or Boondoggle?

PRT, "SkyWeb" Draw Attention in Minn., Calif. Mar-Apr 2004

SoundPRT rebuttal to Light Rail Now

Discovery Channel Canada (Windows Media) 4-6-2004

A new kind of monorail? KOMO TV, Seattle

Bill Wilde's rebuttal to Light Rail Now

My Pod
Your own personal monorail Christian Science Monitor
Personal train ride Personal Monorails Poised to Offer Cities an Alternative. ABC News

Dr. J. Edward Anderson's rebuttal to Light Rail Now PRT report

Minnesota H.B.1686 would fund Skyweb demonstration (2003)

The Zimmerman PRT plan

"We should be ready to do it"

Minnesota tax bill sweetens PRT pot 2-17-2004

U of Minnesota students work on PRT plan

PRT is "21st century space race"

Skyweb Express window stickers for sale

PRT in Minneapolis future?

From Canada: The Future Hails a Cab

MN engineering firm involved in Skyweb project

Skyweb bonding bill introduced in Minnesota legislature

Duluth hails Taxi 2000

Successful cities innovate: What will Santa Cruz choose?

"Act soon on new Taxi 2000 personal monorail" 12-18-2003

Duluth in lead for innovating transit system

PRT proposal in Monterey, CA area 12-11-2003
The group Sustainable Monterey Bay has proposed a Personal Rapid Transit system for the Fort Ord area north of the city of Monterey, California.  The fort has been decommissioned by the military, and the site-- which borders the town of Marina and the campus of California State University's Monterey Bay campus-- is to be redeveloped into five "village" communities.

Ted Lahti of SMB's Soltrain says his group is working with the three master developers in charge of the redevelopment, he reports all seem to be receptive to the PRT concept.

Soltrain is a proposal to design and build a solar powered "ultra-light rail" line in the Monterey Bay area; the intention is that the additional PRT system would run on solar power as well.  It is envisioned that a combination Soltrain-SolarPRT system  will solve congestion and pollution problems in the Fort Ord area, as well as save energy.

At this time Lahti indicates his group likes Taxi 2000 Corporation's Skyweb Express PRT, but that they are open to learning about other PRT systems as well.

PRT proposed for Santa Cruz

Skyweb pitched to officials in Long Branch, NJ

Special Announcement

November 5, 2003- On January 1, 2004, Taxi 2000 will begin its Phase 2 prototype program to build a working, full-scale, outdoor demonstration of SkyWeb Express. A substantial investment was recently received, and the company has sufficient funding for all of stage one and some of stage 2 of the four-stage Phase 2 program.
       According to founder and inventor Dr. Ed Anderson, "This is a great day for us, a great day for transportation, and a great day for the planet. In 30 months we can have a working demonstration model of our system. If any customers want to plan in parallel with our Phase 2, the first SkyWeb Express system could be operating in four years." Taxi 2000 Corporation Newsletter  - Vol. 2 No. 6

Skyweb "underway"
Nov. 1, 2003- This has been a great week for us.  After a two-day visit, an out-of-state investor wrote a check for $200,000 and pledged an additional $1,800,000. Thus, as you might say, we are underway!  Also, this week we had a two-hour visit from the Minnesota DOT Commissioner, which resulted in specific action items.  Next week we will be visited by the Minnesota Governor's transportation aid, and on the same day by a high-level staff person assigned to work with us by the Minneapolis City Council.  Later in November, the Minnesota Transportation Alliance has planned to hold its monthly meeting at our facility, and staff from Metro Transit have booked to visit us.  Things are looking up very much in Duluth where a high-level committee, with representatives from all of the important governmental bodies as well as investors, has been meeting and is poised to invite us to meet with them soon.  In New Jersey, our affiliate MidAtlantic SkyWeb has developed a detailed plan to start with a system in Longbranch.  Several other excellent opportunities for investment have showed up.

Best wishes,

Ed Anderson

Midway PRT (MN)

Excell Models, crafter of the Skyweb passenger compartment

High tech transit goes to fair

Ride of the Future? MPR 8-28-2003

Skyweb Photo of the Day (MN Fair)

Japanese public works officials to visit Skyweb prototype 8-22-2003

Skyweb debuts at fair p.7 (photo) Spring '03

Skyweb's Anderson at Duluth Rotary

Santa Cruz commission debates PRT 7-25-2003

Skyweb's Anderson talks to Duluth council 7-25-2003

Personal taxi is 'disruptive', in a good way. 6-27-2003

Libertarian blog gets on board with Skyweb

Extensive new Skyweb Express Home Page with new online video 5-20-2003

U of Minnesota journal: U start-up... solution to gridlock (p. 10) Spring 2003

Skyweb article from Netscape's "Driving Today" 4-23-2003

Link to Taxi 2000's Skyweb News page 4-13-2003

Taxi 2000's Skyweb Express debuts 4-11-2003

Taxi 2000 CEO Ed Anderson (L) relaxes in the new Skyweb Express prototype.

Taxi 2000 CEO Ed Anderson (L) relaxes in the new Skyweb Express prototype. Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Taxi 2000 Corp. photos

Taxi 2000 Corp. photo


Taxi 2000 Unveils Prototype 4-11-2003

Transit concept gets its first test 4-10-2003

Goodbye Gridlock! 4-10-2003

Taxi 2000 prototype launch announced 4-7-2003

Fast Lane

"...plans to debut transit system in Duluth" 2-27-2003, with photos

Test of the linear induction motor. 2-20-2003

Ed Anderson takes the first 'ride', on a temporary platform attached to the top of the chassis. "The motion was smooth and eerily silent," he reported. Note the guideway is now enclosed by metal covers. Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Ed Anderson takes the first 'ride', on a temporary platform attached to the top of the chassis. "The motion was smooth and eerily silent," he reported. Note the guideway is now enclosed by metal covers. Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Feb. 17 Taxi 2000 status report with videos

PRT Pulls Into the Station, Minnesota Public Radio, Jan. 20, 2003.

January 2, 2003 Status Report

Passenger cabin under construction:

12/29/2002. Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

12/29/2002. Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Chassis begins assembly:

Chassis design is shaping up as nearly identical to '80s model (below). Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Chassis design is shaping up as nearly identical to '80s model (below). Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

Taxi 2000 Corp. photo

New transit concept to be put to the test Minneapolis Star Tribune

T2 demo project announced to Minnesota media

Opening of company offices & engineering space

Readiness The software works, and the vehicles could go FAST. Includes comments about the problems with Raytheon's version of PRT

Ed Anderson profile, Bostonia (Boston U)

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