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"This Week In Precipitation" (TWIP) is the Editor's Blog of the NewsCenter. It's located at Blogger, because we get to use their editing interface and Google's server space. Check TWIP for our occasional investigative features and (as time permits) posts related to environmental sustainability.

TWIP Greatest Hits

Back and Forth With skyTran (2016)
IPERT: Part I - A brief look at 'International Personal Express Rapid Transit' (2013)
IPERT: Part II (2013)
IPERT: Part III - Finding Freely (2013)
Validation of our views on Masdar PRT plan error (2012)
San Jose ATN 'not technically feasible' and what that means (2012)
Dubious Eco-Promoter (MagLev Movers) (2011)
These are known as Outcomes (2011; NewsCenter vs. the libertarians)

The Laffable Luddite Chronicles

An integral side project dedicated to analyzing, debunking and satirizing the online output of a certain Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist. Mainly active 2005-2013, we can reactivate it at any time if need be. The earliest series of posts are not available because they were at the blog platform tBlog, which no longer exists.

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