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Back when the primary objective of this site was education and outreach, we wrote a lot of primers about PRT concepts. Those we think are still of interest are listed here, along with some advocacy and fundamental papers by others. As in the Archives, dead links are GREEN.

External Resources

Innovative Transportation Technologies

Personal Rapid Transit

Advanced Transit Association

Podcar City conferences


Transit Oriented Development, Land Use & Transit Modes (2001)

Priming the Pump (2004)

Dual Mode/RUF: My Misgivings (2001)

PodCars and Climate Change by Debbie Cook and Ron Swenson

Building a Case For a New Transportation System, a Whole Systems approach. Sept. 2001, U.S. EPA Region X

"The Future of High Capacity PRT" by J.E. Anderson (Word)

Automated Guideway Transit: an assessment of PRT and other systems U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment (Complete; 1975)

Fundamentals of Personal Rapid Transit by Jack Irving (1978, full book)

The Raytheon Legacy (US, 1990s)

Cabinentaxi (Germany, 1980s)

Boeing Personal Rapid Transit System (1970s-present)

The Boeing-made PRT at the University of West Virginia ©2018 The PRT NewsCenter

The Boeing-made PRT at the University of West Virginia ©2018 The PRT NewsCenter

Light Rail Now

This is a pro-Light Rail group, not that there's anything wrong with that, but LRN is an astroturf rail industry group which once thought it would be a good idea to attack PRT. We participated in extensive debunking with the Seattle group SoundPRT Committee, which you can read here.

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