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News About Masdar

• Failed bid to create carbon neutral, zero-waste city
• Wants to test and commercialize sustainable energy and technologies
• Site of a science & technology university and International Renewable Energy Agency
• Cancelled plan for citywide PRT network
"Human Rights in the UAE"

11/5/2013: This Archive is Now Closed to Further Updates

"Masdar City: Role model for a sustainable future" 11-4-2013

Siemens HQ - first building without undercroft. 10-11-2013
No PRT means robocars instead, loss of narrow pedestrian-only streets.

Starting from scratch The Economist 9-7-2013

Masdar in Popular Science 5-21-2013
City program manager Stephen Severance re-explains how elevating city on platform was too expensive; option of elevating PRT in non-undercroft Masdar not mentioned.

Masdar on BBC's Wild Arabia 3-9-2013
It should be noted the program does not mention cancelation of the citywide undercroft which the PRT runs inside.

London Array windfarm produces first power 10-29-2012

Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf ) visits with his program Fully Charged: 1, 2 9-26-2012

Emirates crackdown on democracy movement. At least 50 reformers arrested, some stripped of citizenship. Repression is not sustainable. -Ed. 8-3-2012

Editor's blog: Validation of our views on Masdar PRT plan error 6-29-2012

Article broadly about sustainable energy technology conflates PRT with autonomous cars 6-21-2012 Writer ought to have studied ATRA definition of PRT; exclusive guideway network means PRT not affected by nonautonomous traffic.

The Gadget Show's Pollyanna Woodward visits 5-21-2012

Doing it wrong: Masdar carbon-capture research - CO2 would be used in oil recovery. 5-9-2012

Cost of placing a PRT prototype system inside a specially constructed sublevel of an experimental city: Masdar visitor center director says, anecdotally, $8 million ($1 mil x the 8 vehicles cited). Including the stations, this is not bad for an approx. 0.57 mile system. 3-28-2012

Renewables deal signed with Scotland 1-9-2012

UAE 40th National Day extravaganza -- IRENA and 'dancing pods' prominently featured: Video (segment at 1:31:30) 12-2-2011

One year since launch of Masdar PRT 12-1-2011

Abu Dhabi is reviewing Masdar, has struggled to attract tenants; centralizing process used by state-owned companies to issue bonds. 5-23-2011

Crown prince Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan hires Blackwater/Xe founder to create private non-Muslim army
• NY Times: "Secret Desert Force" 5-14-2011
• The Nation: Erik Prince no Indiana Jones 5-16-2011
• Video: Democracy Now report | Mobile 6-17-2010

PRT operated over-capacity at the first public Market Day; 3600 passengers, 99.4% availability. 5-10-2011

Guardian writer's Thumbs Down to Masdar PRT: "A modern mirage" 5-10-2011

Citywide PRT at Masdar called "unsuitable": Masdar "aims to help put others in the shade". Representatives of Foster+Partners, UITP and Dubai RTA are mentioned in story 4-8-2011

First of 177 foundations for London offshore array installed 3-8-2011

Podcars at Masdar Institute Emmanuelle Landais

Editor's Blog: Fate of Masdar PRT not yet final 3-3-2011

Biofuels from Seawater Agriculture possible without competing for fresh water or land 1-22-2011

More WFES media ride the PRT (1-19-2011):

Mobile version
Treehugger on the PRT
Ucilia Wang at Masdar
• Treehugger: Project as shaky as the oil-based economy and society from which it sprang

Gunther and The Australian both trace scaleback of the Masdar PRT network to cancelation of the citywide podium (platform), containing the 'undercroft,' due to the global financial crisis. Since the PRT runs inside the undercroft, the undercroft is effectively the PRT guideway. Masdar's designers were unwittingly responsible for the most expensive PRT guideway ever planned.

Mitsubishi electric car fleet to be piloted. The UAE news agency reports the pilot will "test the feasibility of EV technology as a point-to-point transportation solution for Masdar City." "Point-to-point" confirms Masdar is willing to sacrifice the original goal of having all surface streets carless for walkability, and narrow to provide shade (i.e. modeled on traditional mideast architecture). 1-15-2011

Map of PRT "Phase IA Test", from Mogge 2009

Masdar City PRT "coolest thing ever". Professional poker player Adam Levy says he got lost while trying to find the Abu Dhabi airport, when he saw Masdar City and decided to visit. In a nighttime video recorded while looking for the PRT, Levy tells viewers "you couldn't ask to walk down something cooler." He keeps the camera running as he descends to the undercroft level (:01:05), encounters a friendly station attendant, and boards a podcar (:02:00) which he pronounces "unbelievable" and "so cool." Levy is clearly delighted during the short ride to the K-13 parking facility -- calling the Burj Kalifa, the world's tallest building, "not nearly as cool" as the PRT (:05:15). 1-2-2011

Mobile version

The world is beginning to show up at Masdar City, including Norwegian eco-investor Petter Stordalen and his wife Gunhild Melhus, PhD. 12-6-2010

Mobile version

"World's Most Futuristic City" -CNN, Quest Means Business. 12-6-2010

Flickr photostream coverage: EPFL Organicités Studios; Trevor.Patt; Mark Meagher

Formal opening of Masdar Institute campus. Too bad the Masdar PRT will only ever be a 10-pod pilot project. 11-24-2010

More transparent energy goals 11-22-2010

MIST Phase II started 11-12-2010

Clive Owen tours Masdar by PRT: 1, 2 10-17-2010

"It is hugely impressive. It's like looking at a city from the future."

"It is hugely impressive. It's like looking at a city from the future."

Video: In and around Masdar City
"Building green in Abu Dhabi's desert" (Al Jazeera) 10-15-2010

Editor's Blog: It's official- Masdar won't be car-free 10-10-2010

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