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2getthere is a Netherlands-based company that created the PRT system at Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates. In 2019 a majority stake was acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen.

ZF has announced a deal with Oceaneering, under which the Houston company will make "several thousand" of 2getthere's GRT vehicles for the US market. 10-12-2023

Mannheim and Friedrichshafen collaboration on "autonomous bus" testing. 12-3-2020

First of 6 new GRT pods arrives at Rivium campus (Rotterdam). 8-11-2020

2getthere 3.0 GRT

Aboard The 2getthere Autonomous Shuttle 7-31-2019

Brussels Airport plans to have 2getthere pods link terminal to cargo zone, running in mixed traffic. 5-14-2019

Sixty percent of 2getthere acquired by automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen. 3-19-2019

2getthere's vlogger Sana shows viewers some of the work on the 3rd generation vehicle that will be used at Bluewaters Island. 4-6-2017

• YouTube: Sana goes to the airport 7-24-2017


Sana takes a look at Parkshuttle road repairs. 6-12-2017

Bluewaters contract awarded 3-14-2017
2getthere has won the award to build a transit connector for Dubai's Bluewaters development, the Dutch transit company announced. The automated transit system will connect the Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro Station to an unspecified number of stations on Bluewaters Island, a distance of 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles). The system will use 2getthere's "3.0" Group Rapid Transit vehicle, a larger 24 seat version of the technology already in use at Masdar.

• The National calls it a robot bus network.


Parkshuttle mini-bus to start operating in mixed traffic in 2018. (subscription) 2-20-2017

Dutch PRT company opens Silicon Valley office. 1-5-2017

2M There
2getthere counting down to 2,000,000th passenger for Masdar PRT. 11-13-2016

Prince Charles was #1,988,933. 11-14-2016
2 millionth passenger is student from Abu Dhabi on field trip. (photo) 11-13-2016


Masdar professor: "Our driverless car system [PRT] is pretty outdated now". 2-14-2016
With MIT is planning "more modern" DL system.

"Partner uit Emiraten investeert in 2getthere" 1-26-2016
Emirates-based engineering firm UTS buys undisclosed stake in 2getthere, maker/operator of the Masdar PRT.

Masdar extends 2getthere's PRT contract. 2getthere's Robbert Lohmann tells NewsCenter the extension is for one year. 1-8-2016

Confused Bloomberg 12-22-2015
Business news service runs article about liability and driverless cars with photo of Masdar PRT. A PRT podcar is driverless but not a 'driverless car.' PRT is grade separated, running on guideways or other surface where traffic isn't allowed, and only stops at designated stations.

"Masdar City PRT sets record highs in fifth year." 1.6 million riders since 2010. 12-10-2015

Cardiff Central Square project 10-29-2015
Foster+Partners, strangely, still talking up the pre-contraction version of Masdar PRT.

2getthere extends Taiwan partnership for 2 years 9-17-2015
Focus is on PRT/GRT as rail feeders.

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