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5 Local insurance company repays bailout funds
8 BP changing name to Blackwater
9 Liz Cheney calls on Fox to cancel 'COPS'
11 Palin advocates for Greek tax avoidance system
17 Pharaoh enacts tough new immigration law
20 N. Korea not joining Arizona boycott
24 Toyota has idea to plug Gulf gusher
27 Gulf crisis alarms Bachmann

   "Where's the


Posted May 27, 2010
Gulf crisis alarms Bachmann

"Gays are spilling out of Key West," GOP leader says

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) made some of her strongest statements today concerning what she called the worsening situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The gays are spilling out of Key West, and there is a very real danger it could affect the entirety of the Gulf coast," Bachmann said, referring to the popular Florida vacation island located at the eastern entrance to the Gulf.

High air fares are causing American homosexuals to look for vacation spots closer to home, she explained, with the result that Key West is receiving more gay tourists than it can accommodate. "It's not a surprise that the result was a gay gusher, already spreading to the Florida panhandle, Alabama, and Bourbon Street," the Minnesota lawmaker said.

Bachmann also called on the White House to investigate why the gay blowout preventer, Rev. Phred Felps of Topeka, Kansas, failed to prevent the spill. "President Obama needs to explain who blew Key West, how they blew it, and keep them from blowing anything again," she demanded.

Her chief concern, with gays now at the mouth of the Mississippi, is to prevent them from spreading even further. Bachmann fears they could go upriver throughout the entire Mississippi basin -- including her Minnesota congressional district. "Gays could reach Stillwater by the end of the month," she said, referring to the county seat of Washington County located on the St. Croix River, a Mississippi tributary.

"People need to be sure they can go swimming, fishing or boating and not get any gay on them. People don't want to risk becoming flamboyant," Bachmann added.

Bachmann is one of two Republicans leading the party on the Gulf crisis. The other is former senator Larry Craig of Idaho, who at the time of the spill had been in Key West on a yearlong fact-finding mission.

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Posted May 24, 2010
Toyota has idea to plug Gulf gusher

Toyota took a big step toward repairing its tarnished image today, going public with an ambitious proposal to stop the 34 day old BP Gulf of Mexico oil gusher.

The troubled automaker envisions dropping recalled Toyota Priuses, RAV4s, Corollas, Matrices, Avalons, Camrys, Highlanders, Tundras, and Sequoias into the damaged British Petroleum oil well on the ocean floor.

Toyota calls its plan the Vehicle Oversupply Deepwater Knowledge Application (VODKA), although the media has already dubbed it the "lemon shot."

Hideki Frandloyama, Toyota vice president for Public Relations, explained what the company hopes to accomplish. "We are sharing this idea with BP in order to demonstrate Toyota is so committed to being the world's green automotive leader that we are willing to send the entire dealership inventory to the bottom of the sea," Frandloyama said, "and also show our products are 100 percent recyclable."

The lemon shot joins a number of other options under consideration, including the top kill, the junk shot, and the god shot -- a faith-based plan put forward by congressional Republicans.

BP is declining to comment on Toyota's proposal until it has fully reviewed the technical details. However, a senior executive wishing to remain anonymous did say, "I think BP management could really use a VODKA/lemon shot right now."

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Posted May 20, 2010
N. Korea not joining Arizona boycott

"My kind of xenophobes"

(Phoenix) San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle are among the growing number of cities adopting a boycott of the state of Arizona over that state's new draconian immigration law. But one government is bucking the trend: North Korea.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced today she had received a letter of support from the reclusive Asian nation. "Arizonans can rest assured that their state is not alone in the world, we have friends," Brewer told reporters at the Executive Office Building this morning.

A copy of the letter was released by the North Korea Honorary Consul and Espresso in Phoenix. In it, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il denounces the boycott as "a tool of those promoting open borders," and praises Brewer and the citizens of Arizona. "Any people who take action to keep out the alien hoards are my kind of xenophobes," Kim wrote.

Kim also includes an offer of economic and technology aid -- linkages Brewer says she is keen to develop.

"It turns out that the very Californians who are boycotting us control power plants right here in the Grand Canyon state," said Brewer, "and Hoover Dam is half in Arizona, but was built by and still owned by the U.S. government."

"I've recently learned that those constitute an imperialist presence in Arizona. If we purchase nuclear power technology from North Korea we can build our own nuclear power plants, and end once and for all our dependence on big government hydroelectricity," Brewer said.

The governor also said she plans to seek an in-kind payment arrangement with North Korea, so that any nuclear technology acquisition does not worsen the state's budget situation. "For example, Supreme Leader Kim has let us know that his country is experiencing a serious tequila shortage," she said.

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Posted May 17, 2193 BCE
Pharaoh enacts tough new immigration law

(Memphis) Pharaoh Nefer reluctantly enacted a strict new immigration law last night, a response to a wave of popular sentiment opposing the presence in Egypt of the children of Israel -- also known as Hebrews, or simply Jews.

The Egypt For Egyptians Act requires royal constables to question any person if there is reasonable suspicion they are Hebrew. The new law directs that anyone found to be Hebrew is to be deported, in a mass operation code-named Exodus.

The new law is an effort to quell virulent anti-Hebrew sentiment sweeping the Valley of the Sun God, instigated by Jan Brewertiti, the conservative Lower Kingdom Vizier, who blames the children of Israel for a host of problems including unemployment, chariot accidents and obscene hieroglyphics.

The immigration controversy is the latest in a series of political setbacks for the Nefer administration, chief among which are the series of plagues. The tenth and latest plague afflicted firstborn male children. However, the immunity of Hebrew firstborns has given rise to conspiracy theories blaming the children of Israel for the so-called 'Passovergate.'

The conspiracy theories came to a head when political activist Horli Taytsankhammun publicized her claim that Moses, a senior aide to Pharaoh Nefer, is not Egyptian but a Hebrew. Taytsankhammun maintains she has clay tablets proving Moses is an 'anchor baby,' found as an infant floating in a Nile wetland by Pharoah Pepi II's daughter.

"The fact that Moses has been given power in the royal palace is just one example. We need to stop all of the two million children of Israel who taking away jobs from real Egyptians."

On the other side, civil rights activists says the children of Israel should not be blamed. "The Hebrews are basically slaves," explained Cleopatra Djones of the Amenhotep Civil Liberties Union. The organization helped plan a recent pro-Hebrew rally on the campus of Blessed Be The Spirit of Ra Community College

Djones said Hebrews are doing jobs native Egyptians don't want. "These include low paid or back breaking work, such as building pyramids, cleaning villas, gardening, and clerking at Khufu-Mart."

The Pharaoh's new law should have targeted slavedrivers, added Djones -- the people and businesses offering the no wage jobs with no benefits. "Taking slaves is driven by demand, not by the slaves," she said.

However, the momentum remains with Vizier Brewertiti and the anti-immigrant activists, who succeeded in inserting Operation Exodus -- the mass deportation -- into the Egypt For Egyptians Act.

Today palace spokesman Horus Senseman provided details of Operation Exodus. "Next month the Hebrews will be marched east to the Sinai Peninsula, with a military escort under Pharaoh Nefer's personal command," said Senseman. "We wish the Jews the best, and hope they find a long-term home in the land known as Palestine."

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May 11, 2010
Palin advocates for Greek tax avoidance system

Saying the birthplace of western civilization still has much to teach us, Sarah Palin today called on America to adopt Greece's popular tax avoidance system.

"Everyone likes lower taxes, and it doesn't get much lower than zero," said the former Alaska governor.

Palin's remarks came in the wake of a May 1 International Herald Tribune report that as many as 95% of Greeks underreport their income, or evade taxes entirely.

"Ancient Greece invented many things that are American as apple pie today, such as the Olympics, Grecian Formula and sodomy. We can still learn from them too, because the average U.S. taxpayer is lagging way behind in tax avoiding also," she said.

Palin described how the Greek system can help achieve an important Republican goal: "As well, the Greece system creates a nation-wide tax protest. People not paying their taxes is a threat to big government. Big government has to cut programs, the people are in the streets risin' up, and I applaud them."

"Anyone who wants to be inspired by patriotic Americans need look no further than the courageous Greece peoples," she added.

Most of all, Palin stressed that wider tax avoidance would bring much-needed fairness to the U.S. tax system. "Tax avoidance shouldn't just be for corporations and the richest one percent," she declared.

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Posted May 9, 2010
Liz Cheney calls on Fox to cancel 'COPS'

Objects to Mirandizing suspects

Conservative political activist Liz Cheney today called on the Fox Network to take its long-running COPS reality series off the air. According to the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney, "COPS is soft on terrorism by showing police whose first instinct is to read suspects their Miranda rights."

"I want to take my shotgun and pump a few rounds into the TV every time I see COPS subverting the war on crime," said Cheney.

"It doesn't make any sense. Tell evildoers they have the right to remain silent, and they'll remain silent! It's so stupid," she said.

Cheney said Americans know instinctively that it is wrong to remind suspects of their rights. "Most citizens would have no objection to giving up their rights if it means helping the police. Is it wrong for police to randomly stop and question you if you're just walking down the street? Of course not."

Most of all, Cheney stressed her top priority in getting COPS canceled is to protect children. "That kind of Constitution garbage should not be coming into American homes. We have conservative youth we're trying to indoctrinate," she declared.

The next step of Cheney's crusade is a national speaking tour, promoting the idea of replacing the court system with something she calls 'police tribunals.' "The courts have to be shut down because they created the Miranda warning in the first place," she explained.

Cheney advocates broad new powers for law enforcement, including the authority to declare criminal suspects 'illegal urban combatants,' question them with enhanced interrogation methods, and hold them indefinitely on an island somewhere.

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May 8, 2010
BP changing name to Blackwater

In a surprise move, the board of British Petroleum has voted to change its name to Blackwater, the beleaguered company announced today.

"We need to put the Gulf of Mexico oil spill behind us, BP believes it needs a name that doesn't make people think of petroleum or oceans," said spokesman Probert Flack.

Flack said a marketing survey performed this week revealed a majority of Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians, Central and South Americans, and Antarcticans associate BP with massive oil slicks, oiled wildlife, polluted shorelines, and poor safety practices.

"But people don't think those things when they hear the name Blackwater," he said.

Flack went on to say BP settled on Blackwater after rejecting several alternatives, including Stayfree, Tide and Spray & Wash. BP attorneys determined those brands were already taken and not available for licensing.

"We got the name Blackwater from its previous owner for a song," Flack said.

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Posted May 5, 2010
Local insurance company repays bailout funds

Hi, I'm Thurston Powell, president and CEO of Westmost Mutual Insurance, with some great news for western North Carolina.

I'm pleased to announce that we have repaid our one billion dollar federal loan early, plus interest.

This second chance guarantees the company's future, and frees us to operate without our executive compensation plan having to be approved by the government's special master.

For me, it means I will again be able to receive my 20 million annual bonus.

We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us, and we are going to do right by the Westmost community and you, our valued policyholders.

So after fifty three years of insuring automobiles, homes, and collateralized debt obligations, we are changing our name to MedHealthEx. We hope you will let us be Westmost's neighborhood health insurance company.

MedHealthEx is going to be all about innovation. That's why we are working with Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden to help make the dream of health insurance bartering a reality.

We're calling it the Chicken Cooperative Plan -- the Chicken Coop for short -- and here's how it will work.

Raising chickens is a lot of work, they take up room, and it's a hassle to take them to your doctor's office or hospital emergency room.

That's where MedHealthEx comes in. With our partner Mount Pilot Farms we're starting a fully-equipped chicken bank. Just leave your chickens with us.

Then when you go to a doctor who is in the Chicken Coop network, your doctor will submit a chicken claim to MedHealthEx. We will calculate the number of chickens and pay your doctor with chickens out of your account -- less a number of chickens for our administrative costs, advertising, lobbying, and shareholder return.

We're also going to have a catastrophic plan, where we only pay your doctor in eggs, and you make copayments of bacon.

MedHealthEx -- charting the future of American health care. Because we need the eggs.

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May 29, 2010 - 07:31

Bachmann's concern would then be unnecessary, since Tom was from Finland, not Sweden.

May 28, 2010 - 23:22

Years ago, Stillwater had a prison and a great all you can eat Swedish buffet (a hybrid), all of which I think tie into the Representative's fears.

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